John Deere

In 1918 Deere & Co. acquired the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company and were instantly in the tractor business.

General Rule of thumb: Use the six point (parasol style) until the end of World War II. We have old photos of the Waterloo Boy up to the styled A that show farmers using the six point umbrella. All metal parts are finished with a special baked epoxy covered with a baked aluminum enamel to provide resistance to rust.

Deere's most popular tractor, the Model A, began production in 1934. This spawned a popular line of two-cylinder tractors from the almost garden tractor size L to the giant 830 Standard (Wheatland) style.

From WWII on, we generally recommend the square units. Both the curved hanger and bent shaft units were produced and used by many tractor manufacturers. Whether you have a John Deere A or a Minneapolis Moline Z these guidelines will serve you well. Both umbrellas feature yellow dichromate zinc plated tubular steel frame provides a corrosion resistant, durable finish. No painted parts.

Recently we have had many requests for the 40-inch 3 Bow Buggy style sunshade. The sturdy design features easy installation on tractors using home made, fender style or axle mounted brackets. Heavy gauge steel components withstand rugged field use and strong winds.

Heritage Farm Power is an official licensee of the John Deere Tractor Company.