Dearborn - DB4C

Dearborn - DB4C


  • $85.00


Allæwhite canvas with the Dearborn Farm Equipment Diamond printed in red and black ink on the white panels.æ The "spider" rods for the Curved Hanger umbrellas hangs from the top. If you are ordering replacement canvas for a Curved Hanger umbrella, your old canvas WILL have a center grommet (ring) or center hole. æ

Canvas has a center hole, grommet in center of the umbrella

DB = Dearborn
4 = Square umbrella
C = Curved Hanger
R = Replacement CanvasIf you are ordering replacement canvas, your old canvas should have a grommet, or center ring in the middle.æ


Each of the umbrella's 4 sides is approx. 54". Approximate maximum opened spread width is 74".

Canvas Information

Fabric is 8 oz. double stitched water resistant "duck cloth" canvas. Corners are reinforced with leather and heavy steel grommets. Center hole is also reinforced with a heavy steel grommet.

Shaft Information

Curved Hanger Shaft Design employs a Heavy Duty Metal Pole (1.25" o.d). Overall height is 52"

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