The idea behind the Ferguson system was that the weight of the plowing was transferred to the rear wheels increasing traction. The weight transfer allowed the lightweight tractor to do the work of heavier tractors.

Ferguson started producing the Ferguson tractor in England to help war torn European farmers. The Ferguson TE-20 used a Continental Z-120 engine built in the US. Many Ferguson's are still at work all over the world every day of the year. The Ferguson tractor company merged with Massey-Harris of Canada in the early fifties to form Massey-Ferguson.

Both the curved hanger and bent shaft units were produced and used by many tractor manufacturers. Both umbrellas feature yellow dichromate zinc plated tubular steel frame provides a corrosion resistant, durable finish. No painted parts.

Recently we have had many requests for the 40-inch 3 Bow Buggy style sunshade. The sturdy design features easy installation on tractors using home made, fender style or axle mounted brackets. Heavy gauge steel components withstand rugged field use and strong winds.