Dearborn implements are the workmates of the Ford tractor, starting with the introduction of the model 8N tractor. The Dearborn plow started production in 1947 with the model 10-1 plow. During the late 1940's through the 1950's it's hard to find a Ford Farming tractor advertisement that doesn't feature the Dearborn line of implements, including loaders, rear blades, cultivators, planters, etc.

Both the curved hanger and bent shaft units were produced and used by many tractor manufacturers. Both umbrellas feature yellow dichromate zinc plated tubular steel frame provides a corrosion resistant, durable finish. No painted parts.

Recently we have had many requests for the 40-inch 3 Bow Buggy style sunshade. The sturdy design features easy installation on tractors using home made, fender style or axle mounted brackets. Heavy gauge steel components withstand rugged field use and strong winds.

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