Replacement Fabric - Allis-Chalmers - AC4CR

Replacement Fabric - Allis-Chalmers - AC4CR


  • $85.00


Replacement Fabric for the AC4C Umbrella Kit. Solid orange fabric with the Allis-Chalmers diamond logo printed in black ink on 2 opposing panels.   The "spider" rods for the Curved Hanger umbrellas hangs from the top.   

If you are ordering replacement canvas for a Curved Hanger umbrella, your old canvas WILL have a center grommet (ring) or center hole.   

Canvas has a center hole, grommet in center of the umbrella

AC = Allis Chalmers
4 = Square umbrella
C = Curved Hanger
R = Replacement Canvas 


Each of the umbrella's 4 sides is approx. 54". Approximate maximum opened spread width is 74".

Canvas Information

Fabric is 8 oz. double stitched water resistant "duck cloth" canvas. Corners are reinforced with leather and heavy steel grommets. Center hole is also reinforced with a heavy steel grommet

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